Wildcats Never Die 予告編





Snowboarding for the sheer fun of it. Comradery. Friendship. Bordering-on-insanity partying antics that would put James Brown to shame. The notorious Whistler-rooted snowboard crew, The Wildcats, are back and better than ever with their first film in a decade, Wildcats Never Die.
Shot over two seasons, this installment of the OG Wildcats crew has a balance of brand-spanking-new banger action with a healthy dose of nostalgia, taking us back to the legacy they’ve built since 1999. Get ready for some unforgettable and never-seen-before footage and interviews, showcasing the Wildcats present day skills on and off the hill and in famed snowboarding locales: B.C., Japan, and Chile.
But be forewarned here: If you’re expecting to see your regular run-of-the-mill X Games footage with unattainable and unrealistic, spin-to-win snowboard tricks—you won’t find it here. The Wildcats are straight-up legit; they have always embodied and lived the essence of what snowboarding is all about and will continue for many years to come. Their motto: keep it real, keep it easy, and most importantly—keep it fun.
So sit back, and prepare to be visually assaulted with the envy-inducing skills on a snowboard that could potentially make your mom shotgun beer, grab your board, and hit the first chair. You never know the seducing power these “Kings of the Whistler backcountry” have until you see ‘em in action. In fact, grab your mom, and tell her to pull up a seat.
Future Wildcats of the world—this one’s for you. Enjoy.