Vivo headwearに有力ライダーがチームに

広告 five  

Vivo headwearは、スケートとスノーボードそれぞれの有力ライダーがチーム員になることをアナウンスした。





Skate team Vivo headwear would like to introduce Corey Sheppard to the team.

Vivo is very excited to be working with Corey and bringing his distinctive
skating style to the table, making him the perfect addition to the
exclusive pro team. His passion for creative art is endless from
Skateboards,Snowboards to art expos. The  Corey Sheppard inspired
collection will be available through our exclusive online store this
summer. Stay tuned..

Snow team

Vivo headwear would like to introduce heavy hitting Andrew Geeves to the
team. Check out his part from Andrew Geeves grew up
riding the streets of Winnipeg, Manitoba. Making a quick move to Whistler,
this kid as been turning heads and is on the rise. Watch out for Andrew
rocking (The Brick ) model this summer.

Vivo headwearは、ハイ・クオリティなビーニーを提供するとのこと。どんな仕上がりになるのか、楽しみだね。