Transform Glovesにニック・ビスコンティが加入!

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Transform Glovesに、ここ最近、急激に世界に名を高めているライダー、ニック・ビスコンティが加入した!

イギリスで発祥したTransform Glovesは、主にヨーロピアン・ライダーたちで形成されていたが、ニックが初のアメリカン・ライダーとなた。

今、数あるスノーボード・ブランド乱立時代に、しっかりとプレミア感を持ったTransform Glovesに好感を持ち、加入となったとのこと。


Nick Visconti joins Transform Gloves

Our first US pro, Nick Visconti joins Transform Gloves.

“If you don’t know who Nick Visconti is we don’t care and I’m sure he doesn’t either.” Tom Kingsnorth – Transform Gloves Founder. “He’s been tearing apart the most bizarre spots for years and now he’ll be doing it wearing transform gloves and I am hyped about that.”
“In today’s market, snowboarding brands are a dime a dozen.” Nick Visconti tells us. “What makes a lasting impact and sustainable growth for a brand is a vision, mission and commitment- all three are key elements that Transform gloves has. Add innovation, premium fabrics and a grassroots marketing campaign, Transform Gloves is the future for progressive technical snowboarding hand wear. I am excited to promote and advocate for Transform Gloves.”
Nick will be testing the new gloves all season while filming all new episodes of the popular Tahoe DangerZone video series.

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