PROCESS FILMS新作『A Shot in the Dark』 2ndティーザー

ノルウェーのPROCESS FILMSが、2年間プロジェクトでリリースする新作『A Shot in the Dark』。すでに昨年11月に最初のティーザーをリリースしているが、今回2番目のティーザーがアップされた。



Teaser 2 is the 2nd of 3 teasers released by Process Films for its current 2 year film project. Following some of Norway´s most progressive snowboarders, A Shot in the Dark will be split into two separate films. The first is a trick film while the second follows a documentary format.

Progression in snowboarding has been moving at an alarming rate over the last few years. A Shot in the Dark takes a look at the various channels of pressure riders face, and the harsh reality of injuries.

The films will be distributed internationally by major snowboard publications near the end of 2011.

Filmed in Norway, New Zealand, Switzerland, Austria, France and America.
Fredrik Austbø, Petter Kristiansen, Tore Holvik, Torgeir Berre, Ulrik Badertscher, Aleksander Oestreng, Mats Hofgaard, Roger Kleivdal, Joacim Nyhaugen, Mikkel Bang, Pål Sørensen, Torjus Thomassen, Daniel Josefsen and Sondre Tiller


The first teaser for our current two year documentary and snowboard film, following some of Norway´s most progressive snowboarders.

Premiere coming fall 2011.

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