NuuLife Cinema 最新作No Joke ティーザー

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ウィスラー周辺で活動をするNuuLife Cinemaから最新作『No Joke』のティーザーがアップされた。

"No Joke" – Teaser from NuuLife Cinema on Vimeo.



"No Joke" – Teaser
by NuuLife Cinema

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Starring: Craig McMorris, Geoff Brown, Andrew Burns, Gordon Emery, Adam Chuntz, Kurtis Rothecker, Mark McMorris, Connor Copithorn, Lucas Ouellette, Robby Balharry, Tanner Davidson, Katie Hall-Leah, David Craig, John Swystun, Kyle Herperger, Dan Zimmerman, James Murphy, Garrett Kendel, Barrett Lucak, Joe Hills, Matt Munn, Jason Gretzinger and more.

Support from: – Cab Clothing

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Song: "Thickfreakness" by the Black Keys