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Introducing the Vegus.


While we have more than enough cowbell, and our glue has plenty of horse in it, we don’t make nearly enough wire-framed shades! Enter Vegus, a stylish piece of striking authority that pays attention to fluid lines and tight colorways. Light, sturdy and at a price even the most destitute vagrant can afford, these shades are a key element to any good road trip… or acid trip for that matter. In a pinch the metal frames can be fashioned into a prison shank should things get a little spicy.

Available in 4 colors including:
Platinum White / Grey Chrome Lens | ES07525621 (photo above)
Matte Black / Grey Lens | ES07501020
Platinum Green / Grey Chrome Lens | ES07525721
Gold / Bronze Lens | ES07525839
Vegus Has Standard Features Including:

Size Category 4
100% UV Protection
8 Base Grilamid Frame
8 Base Polycarbonate Shield Lens
3 Barrel Stainless Steel Optical Hinge
Standard Packaging (includes microfiber bag)

Electric VEGUSに関するインフォメーション(英語)