Alterna Films最新作『Scenes from 13 O’CLOCK』ティーザー

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カナダのフィルム・プロダクションズ、Alterna Films 最新作『Scenes from 13 O’CLOCK』ティーザー。


Scenes from 13 O’CLOCK from Alterna Films on Vimeo.


13 o’clock [2011]

from the crew that delivered cult classics apples & oranges, knockout, elektro and most recently hello world.

alterna films is proud to present its 2011 feature 13 o’clock.

this film delivers inspired filmmaking and technical freestyle snowboarding at a paramount level. stand out segments include a visit to the land of the rising sun, mike wiegeles heli as well as an icelandic mission.

13 o’clock reveals the characters and personalities that are the framework of this film.

be sure to follow the new web series on titled“to be determined.”