【Movie】FLOW 『WAS HERE』 ニール・ロマネク

広告 five  

Flow Snowboardsのチーム・ムービー『WAS HERE』から、ミネソタの新鋭ニール・ロマネクのパートが公開された。

NIAL ROMANEK IN FLOWS WAS HERE from Flow Snowboarding on Vimeo.

Nial Romanek is a kid out of Minnesota that transplanted to the beautiful town of Truckee, California. He has a great attitude towards life and it shows in his riding. Nial is always down for whatever, pipe, kicker,pow or dorking off on a mini jib, but no matter what he kills everything he hits. This is his part from Flows Was Here,


As Nial would say…
 "That’s What’s Good"