3DEEP5ME(Super Exclusive Gentlemen’s Club Of Snowboarding)によるスノーボード・ムービー、『SEGCOS』が公開!

(SEGCOS: 3DEEP5ME)720p** from S3GC0S on Vimeo.

SEGCOS: 3DEEP5ME, is online for a limited time, so enjoy it while you can…***….
Just over 20 whole minutes of snowboarding. Jamie Orkin & Erik Overson & Jordan Small & Richie Conklin & Dan Wells & Tucker Brown & Sean Whitaker & Ryan Lanham & Jon Overson & Jeff Holce & Alex Cato &&&&&&&& so many more!!!

dvd’s soon 2!

Filmed by Andrew Nagel & Seamus Foster. dvx footage: Paul Osborne.