【Movie】TUUKKA TAMSのジャパン・パート

アンティ・アウティのムービー『RELATE TO IT』から、TUUKKA TAMSのジャパン・パート『TUUKKA THE MAN』がアップ!


my friend TUUKKA TAMS is man of many talents. musician,skateboarder,journalist,snowboarder and most importantly great guy.
 he came to Japan with us to make story about my Relate to It project.
while we were filming and setting up features Tuukka kept on slashing everything front of him.
 here is some really fun looking footage from ASAHIDAKE,JAPAN.

Tuukka is also playing lead vocals in band called Highway Burns.they just released new record Dirt,Sand and Sleepless nights. itunes.apple.com/fi/album/dirt-sand-sleepless-nights/id530155982?l=fi

song: Highway Burns – Knocking on your door