What kind of lunch should we eat on a snowboarding day?

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Snowboarding is a sport that uses more energy than you think.
Many beginners get a little tired just by wearing snowboard clothing and boots.
It’s also tiring to walk around dressed with heavy layers and mask, goggle, beanie, helmets, gloves, another layers, then you carry a snowboard with you.
I’ve seen many beginners get tired of simple exercises.
Also, In cold weathers/temperature a human body uses so much heat and energy to keep oneself warm enough to survive.

Lunch breaks and proper nutrition are important for snowboarding from 9am to 3pm.


Nutrition is important, but you need to be careful not to overeat.
I’ve seen many times after lunch that my students’ performances are getting sloppier.
Students who ate hamburgers say that their stomach feels heavy and difficult to move.
Also, some students who eat too much lunch get sleepy. A lot of you guys too!!

To enjoy snowboarding all day, pay attention to what and when you eat your lunch.

At lunch, I have a Traditional Japanese hand made rice ball and a banana or apple. The rice ball is stuffed with dried plums that heals body tiredness.
To me It’s a light snack rather than lunch.
Chew as much as possible.
I also bring a coffee or green tea every time. Coffee and tea helps the digestion and awaken drowsiness. Just one benefits after another. For choosing a lighter lunch, you’ll have a better snowboarding performance for the rest of the day.

There are individual differences in the feeling of eating.
I’m not saying you shouldn’t eat burgers. I’d like to tell you that some students have actually seen the performance drop due to overeating lunch, so be careful.