Welcome to the World of McMorris & McMorris

カナダのMTVでマーク・マクモリスと兄クレイグ・マクモリスのシーズンを追った、Welcome to the World of McMorris & McMorrisの放送が決定!



Welcome to the World of McMorris & McMorris
Watch the trailer for a new series about the McMorris brothers airing on MTV Canada.
Canadians Mark and Craig McMorris grew up in the very flatlands of Regina, Saskatchewan – not the first place that comes to mind when you think of snowboarding in Canada.

Despite the lack of slopes in their hometown, Mark and his older brother Craig have become world-class champion snowboarders.

They are brothers and best friends, but when it comes to going up against each other in snowboarding, wakeboarding, skateboarding, boat racing, golf, hockey and almost any other athletic endeavor, they are each other’s competition.

Welcome to the world of McMORRIS & McMORRIS.

Be sure to tune into MTV Canada for the premier episode airing on November 1st at 9pm EST or 6pm PST.

For more, visit mtv.ca/mcmorris.