Volcom Snowboarding新作『Mr Plant』予告編


パット・ムーア、テリエ・ハーコンセン、ジェイミー・リン、ブライアン・イグチなどスノーボード業界のスーパースターからレジェンドまで揃えるVolcomチームが新作スノーボード・ムービー、Volcom Snowboarding – Mr Plantの予告編を公開した!

こちらの予告編、Teaser 1ということだから、これからもさらなる予告編が公開されるようだ。




An ever-growing personality fed by snow, sun and friends. Adjusting to this environment. Always growing, but always rooted. Staying True…

Starring: Pat Moore, Curtis Ciszek, Scott Blum, Bryan Iguchi, Seth Huot, Jamie Lynn, Zach Normandin, Elena Hight, Hunter Wood, Mike Rav, Terje Haakonsen, Arthur Longo, Jake Welch and friends

Volcom Stone presents “Mr. Plant,” a Veeco Film production based on the travels of snowboarder and New Hampshire backwoodsman Pat Moore. Follow Pat as he spends a season traveling around the world with the rest of the Volcom Snow family, friends and icons.

Filmed by Seth Huot and Jake Price, featuring art by Jamie Lynn and Mike Aho, and shot on location in Jackson Hole, Japan, Quebec, Massachusetts and Minnesota, the film unfolds across the map to arrive at the only destination that really matters: Staying true to snowboarding.

Coming Fall 2014.