Vivo Headwearにカナダ新星スケーター加わる!

布施忠、マリア・フランス・ロイなどでお馴染みのVivo Headwearに、カナダ新星スケーターDel Bianco加わった!

Vivo Headwear announces the signing of Canada’s rising young buck  Brandon Del Bianco.

Straight from the streets of Toronto he joins team riders Mark Appleyard, Ronnie Creager, Wade Desarmo, Paul Trep, Grant Patterson, Spencer Hamilton, and Shinichi Ito.

"We are stoked to bring Brandon onboard the Vivo crew and support Brandon’s natural talent  in his up and coming years. His skating speaks for himself and the kid is very humble with a great attitude. I first met Brandon at a trade show trip earlier this year and as soon as we hung out I knew he would be a great addition to the team. One thing is for sure is his interview with King shit just tops it haha!" – Skate TM Corey Sheppard

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