TTR改めWorld Snowboard Tourが間もなくスタート!

広告 five  

世界主要のスノーボード大会を結ぶTTRは、名称を改めWorld Snowboard Tourとして生まれ変わり新しいヒストリーに突入する。


広告 – With the 2012/13 southern hemisphere season already underway, the World Snowboard Tour begins to head North. The first 6Star event of the 2012/2013 season is the Oakley Air&Style Beijing, which goes down at the infamous Birds Nest on the 1st of December.

2012 marks a turning point if competitive freestyle snowboarding history as the TTR World Tour evolved into THE World Snowboard Tour. Comprising of over 350 events over 5 continents, no other tour even comes close.

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