この冬、11月から12月の間にTTRでスタイルを追及するドキュメンタリーTV『Style in Snowboarding』がリリースされることになった!




Swatch TTR World Snowboard Tour: Style in Snowboarding

"Style in Snowboarding" is the first video segment from a collection cut out of the 2009/2010 Swatch TTR TV Show series. They will be released during November and December 2010.

Style is an integral, yet intangible, element of snowboarding. Simply put, style makes snowboarding what it is. It differentiates it from other sports, such as team sports, where style is not an often spoken word. It is the expression of ones individuality based on how you hold your grab, control your body and so on. The words of Jason Horton seem to fit perfectly: "Style is the art of making something that’s difficult and unnatural look easy." It is an endlessly debated topic and it is also a vital part of the judging criterion on all of the Swatch TTR Tour events.

In this video segment you will hear thoughts on style from snowboarding legends (as well as rookies) like Nicolas Mueller (SUI), Heikki Sorsa (FIN), Todd Richards (USA), Marco Grilc (SLO), Mikkel Bang (NOR) and Stale Sandbech (NOR). Also snowboarders now working in the industry such as Jason Horton (GBR), Sean Lake (USA) and Tommy Klaehn (AUT) give their insights on the simple matters of style.

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