TransWorld SNOWboardingインスタでラストメッセージ発表!


今月をもって最後のスノーボード専門誌を発行する米TransWorld SNOWboarding誌が、インスタからラスト・メッセージを発表した。






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For over three decades, TransWorld SNOWboarding maintained a steadfast commitment to curating of the sport’s culture. From evangelizing the legitimacy of shredding in the outlaw 80s, to broadcasting snowboarding’s place within the angsty counterculture of the 90s, to providing an authentic portrayal of the riding life even as the sport gained Olympic heights, we’ve been right there in print, online, and across social media. No matter the channel, we evolved to inform, inspire, and spread the stoke to millions. All good things, unfortunately, must come to an end, and effective March 6, 2019, TransWorld SNOWboarding has closed; the 32nd volume of magazines will be our last, and ‘Kamikazu’ will be our final film. Over the coming weeks on our site and social channels we’ll publish tributes and reflections from the photographers, editors, filmers, and riders who defined the title over the years, so please check back regularly. Ultimately, the entire site will be archived online, available via search for the next generation to reference. From everyone here at the magazine, past and present, we want to thank you, the readers and viewers who supported us since 1987. Take some turns for us; better yet, keep an eye out and take some turns with us. We’ll see you on the hill.

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