Think Thank 最新作『Almanac』予告編

ユニークなトリック満載でスノーボーダーのクリエィティビティを刺激して来たThink Thank 最新作、『Almanac』予告編がアップ!

Think Thank Almanac Teaser from Snowboarder Magazine on Vimeo.

The Think Thank Almanac 2014 is underway! The planets have aligned, the high yield crops chosen, the charts consulted and our predictions for the future of snowboarding are forth coming and sure to be astute! Spins, slides, styles, fabrics, monsoons, slashes, nourishment, flips, pant size, barley refreshment, galaxies, pies, danger, friendship, manners, drought and the body’s humors will all be astrologically predicted to within a mouse’s whisker of pure certainty. Welcome to the Think Thank Almanac 2014, the original snowboarder’s almanac, useful with a pleasant degree of hammers.