The Shred Show 2012 Day 3 Boarderstyle

昨日、カナダのブラッコムで開催されたThe Shred Show 2012 3日目のボーダースタイルのハイライト動画と結果を。


In 2011 at The Show we introduced Boarderstyle, a hybrid of boardercross and park riding that rewards speed and style. It was an instant hit with fast action and mandatory airs. This year we brought it back with more freestyle and a longer course, and just like the movie said; "if you build it, they will come."

When a living legend like Terje Haakonsen lines up at the gate you know that you’re in for a show and this was a show that didn’t disappoint. Check it out for yourself and stay tuned for the TTR 5-Star Slopestyle coming next.