Stylewars 一日目スロープスタイル結果





Presented by Carlton Dry, Burton Snowboards and Falls Creek Resort

Today marked the opening of Stylewars, the Australian Slopestyle Championships – Australia’s premier annual snowboarding event. Part of the prestigious World Snowboard Tour, the day was a huge success with the largest pool of entrants Stylewars has ever seen, including four of the world’s top slopestyle riders, and spectacular talent on display.

After a massive construction effort by the park crew at Falls Creek Resort, and abundant above average snowfall, the course was as good as any event from the past year on tour. Better yet, the competition was run under the best weather conditions Stylewars had seen in years. Riders could not wait to get out there and compete.

The contingent of international snowboarders including world number one slopestyle rider Antoine Truchon (CAN), defending Stylewars Grandmaster Tor Lundstrom (SWE), Maxence Parrot (CAN) and Jordan Phillips (CAN) took charge of the course with outstanding performances in an effort to score the best rank for the two-day competition. Australian and Kiwi riders also managed great results, with standout performances from Ben Comber, Nick Brown, Robbie Walker, Nick Wood and Courtney Phillipson.

Overall, the level of riding was exceptional with a fast-paced non-stop showcase of doubles, 10s and 12s. Impressed Head Judge and former US Open Halfpipe Champion Guillaume Morriset said, “Today was the best standard of snowboarding seen at an Australian competition this year.”

Tor threw down several fantastic runs over the two-hour jam session format to defend his title, including a mind-blowing set consisting of a front 10 to back 12. He said, Antoine stomped a switch back double cork 1080, earning him the men’s Carlton Dry 30 (best trick) of the day. Aussie Biba Turnbull won the women’s Carlton Dry 30 with a stylish frontside 3 stalefish.

All of the day’s spectacular riding was caught on camera – via overhead chopper, remote control helicopter, phantoms cameras and static angle cameras plotted all over the course. Quality coverage of this year’s event is guaranteed.

With more sunny skies forecast tomorrow, the fight for the Grandmaster title will be tight. All riders will be pushing the limits, vying for their share of the $20,000 prize pool on the final day of slopestyle competition.

Tor has said, “It was a really good day today. Everyone was riding amazing and I look forward to seeing to what happens tomorrow. I might be in first place, but anything can happen.”

Stylewars – The Australian Slopestyle Championships results After Day 1

Men Results
1 Tor Lundstrom
2 Maxence Parrot
3 Antoine Truchon
4 Ben Comber
5 Nick Brown
6 Robbie Walker
7 Jordan Phillips
8 Nick Wood
9 Patrick Cinca
10 Mathias Weissenbacher
11 Pete Long
12 Andrew Roth
13 Jye Kearney
14 Billy Hayman
15 Declan Vogel-Paul
16 Charlie Steinbacher
17 Tim Laidlaw
18 Daniel Klein
19 Cameron Staveley
20 Luke Staveley
21 Kieran McLaughlin
22 Silas Hatch
23 Shaun Belmore
24 Liam Ryan
25 Chris Decampo
26 Max Buri
27 Sean Thompson
28 Jeremy Burns
29 Matts Kulisek
30 Cutler Whitely
31 Jack Carlin
32 Jake Koia
33 Allie Coates
34 Mathew Galina

Women Results
1 Silvia Mittermuller
2 Courtney Phillipson
3 Biba Turnbull
4 Jess Rich
5 Jade McJannett

Carlton 30 winners
Antoine Truchon switch backside 1080 double cork
Biba Turnbull frontside 360 stale