Sixes and Sevens 最終パート!

これまで何度かお伝えして来たNuuLife Cinemaの今季リリース作品『Sixes and Sevens』。遂に最終パートを公開した!

Andrew Burns from Sixes and Sevens from NuuLife Cinema on Vimeo.

Andrew Burns from Sixes and Sevens
Music: "I’m Right You’re Wrong" by D.O.A.

Credits Music: "Time Warp" by little Nell, Patricia Quinn & Richard O’brian

Andrew rides for:
Union Binding Company
Top of the World Shop

Join Andrew at Camp of Champions and South America Snow Sessions this summer!

Videography by:
Hayden Wrensch
Colin D. Watt
Aaron Maksymec
John Swystun