毎月第3木曜日企画『Every Third Thursday』のSignal Snowboardsが新たなプロジェクトを立ち上げた。

主な住民はJake Olson-Elm, Cody Beiersdorf , Danimals, そして日本からは堀井優作Yusaku Horii。


Signal Snowboards has rented a house for their team with one goal in mind—FILM EVERYTHING!!!

No rules, no agenda, just have fun. From rope tows to rails, getting kicked out of spots, and maybe even some ice fishing, you’ll get a glimpse into one of the most fun and progressive scenes in snowboarding. Follow Jake OE, Cody B, Danimals, Yusaku Horri and a heap of their peeps through one of the strangest snow seasons we’ve had in a while. What’s the best thing about being a pro snowboarder? Everything! Stay tuned!
Filming: Sam Fenton
Editing: Tate MacDowell