ケビン・サンサローンがプロデュースするSandboxムービー『Shine On』が、カナダの専門誌SNOWBOARD CANADA誌で、ナンバー1に選ばれた!



カナダのフィルム・プロダクションズと言うと、ステップチャイルド、32のTHIS VIDEO SUCKSや、アルターナ・フィルムズなど、カナダ国内だけでなく世界発信しているプロダクションズも少なくない。そんな中でビデオ・オブ・ザ・イヤーに選ばれたのは、とっても名誉なこと。


SBC Magazine voted Shine On the Best Canadian Video of the Year. 

Special thanks to SBC Media and to all of our sponsors and of course the riders who helped us make Shine On in 2009.

It sure wasn’t Denver, but SIA was a pretty good show for Sandbox this year and we got a lot of really good exposure down there. The Sandbox helmets were voted #3 helmet in Canada in the SBC shop poll. We also partnered with and put the teaser DVD for our next video Now You Know on the cover of King Snow Magazine for the trade show and it was a huge hit.

Thanks again to everyone for your support and let’s do it again in 2010.