Rough SnowboardがGarbage Gangチームのシグネチャーをリリース!

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ヨーロッパのスノーボード・シーンで活躍するGarbage GangチームがRough Snowboardに加入してシグネチャー・モデルをリリースすることになった!

1つのムービーをリリースしているクルーが、1つのスノーボード・ブランドのチームに加入して、そのGarbage Gangのシグネチャー・モデルを出すなんて、これまでなかったおもしろい試みだ。

Rough Welcomes Garbage Gang to the Team from Rough Snowboards on Vimeo.


Rough Welcomes Garbage Gang to the Team

By now everyone knows, but still this is the moment to officially confirm that, Garbage Gang has joined the Rough Snowboards team!
Garbage Gang needs no introduction in the pan european snowboarding scene, everyone knows the crew and follows their edits published in the most respected snowboarding sites, and that’s why we can hardly contain our excitement for this great news.
Officially now (unofficially for a few months), Marco ‘Jhonny’ Morandi, Devid DePalma, Jacopo Lazzari and Achille Mauri Luca Panegatti, all press and jib dedicated model Rough boards!
The new garbage collection Series 12/13 Rough Snowboards, are boards that we have developed specifically for them and for all the riders who, like the garbage guys, love no compromise pure street style riding.
 If you have recently been a careful watcher of their edits and photos you might have noticed a beer bottle or a mega burger on their board bases, these are the graphics with which we decided to recall the birth of Garbage Gang, which happened in a Fast Food restaurant, sitting at the table just between a beer and a burger.

"The Rough for Garbage board is a dream come true, often we have dreamed thinking about this project and about the moment when we could ride boards dedicated to our Crew.
With Rough Snowboard all this was made possible. Rough has dedicated not one board, but two, the Beer and Burger. You can find them the best shops along with the entire Rough snowboards collection.
Want to know the secret of this project?
That is what distinguishes Rough and Garbage from the rest. "