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先日、ウェブでスノーボード・ムービーを公開したと思えば、再び今回も新作、『ONE JUMP』をリリースする。

Rome SDSによる最新作のティーザーがアップ!



ONE JUMP – Teaser from Rome Snowboards on Vimeo.

Bindings adjusted, boots feel right, fists bumped, dropping in 3…2…1…
Once you leave the lip of that first jump it’s over, nothing will ever be the same. A new lust for life and distain for gravity is embedded deep inside you, if it hadn’t already been there before. All it takes is ONE JUMP and everything changes.

The late season jump session is a time honored tradition in snowboarding, from goliath hips to rhythm lines that span entire parks. Ståle Sandbech, Alek Østreng and Jeff Hopkins spent their seasons abiding by this lust for air time. They live in a world sustained by time spent off the ground, tweaking and twisting every variation and spin combination. Light years away from the competition circuit the desire for weightlessness guides their riding and powers them off the lip time and time again.
ONE JUMP is the story of style over spins; a one day session to master grabs and all rotations. Three riders to remind us all of just how comfortable snowboarding can look in the air.
Ståle Sandbech, Alek Østreng and Jeff Hopkins drop-in 9/9/15.