Rip Curl 最新作『Alive and Kickin』ティーザー

広告 five  

特に欧州で人気が高いウェア・ブランドのRip Curlから、最新チーム・ムービー『Alive and Kickin』のティーザーがアップ!


Rip Curl "Alive and Kickin" Teaser from Rip Curl Europe on Vimeo.


It’s been a long summer and we’re ready to rip the white sheets with our rides. It’s been a hard year for some, it’s been good for others. Some of you might feel like survivors so we wanted to dedicate a movie to all who share the stoke of winter pleasures. Have a seat and get ready: it’s time to kick the summer blues with Rip Curl’s saucy footage brought to you by our most innovative, talented and ‘all around nice guy’ riders. Victor De Le Rue, Elias Elhardt, Janne Lipsanen , Nils Arvidsson and more are still Alive and Kickin’ like tomorrow’s their last day of winter.