Rip Curlチーム・ムービー『The Search – Revel』予告編

広告 five  


ビクター・デラルーなど注目ライダーも参加。ウェア・ブランド、Rip Curlチーム・ムービー『The Search – Revel』の予告編が公開。


That special moment allows us to imagine all the possible lines, to realize how lucky we are and fuel the stoke before dropping in. Going down a line once imagined is the celebration of a dream coming to life and we revel in that back country feeling.

Riders: Victor De Le Rue – Nils Arvidsson – Sam Favret – Nate Johnstone – Jessy Cornu – Emilien Badoux – Marion Haerty – Jayce Robinson – Dedi Gun – Olya Smershlivaya