Riders’ Poll 19 残念日本人ライダーのノミネートならず

広告 five  


スノーボード界の最高の賞とも言われていRiders’ Poll賞。
昨年は、國母和弘がベストビデオパート賞を獲得し、遂に日本人ライダーが世界へ風穴を開けることができたが、今回の第19目となるRiders’ Poll賞では、残念ながら日本人ノミネートはナシ。




Men’s Readers’ Choice presented by Toyota
•Halldór Helgason
•Marcus Kleveland
•Travis Rice

Women’s Readers’ Choice presented by Toyota
•Jamie Anderson
•Anna Gasser
•Robin Van Gyn

Men’s Rookie Of The Year
•Chris Corning
•Brock Crouch
•Mike Liddle

Women’s Rookie Of The Year
•Julia Marino
•Jill Perkins
•Ivika Jurgenson

Online Video Series Of The Year
•Something by The Manboys
•Last Resort With Stan
•The Scenic Route with Johnny O’Connor

Standout Performance Of The Year
•Nils Mindnich: Sweeping the Mt. Baker Banked Slalom, winning the Pro Men and the Switch categories
•Arthur Longo: Side Hits Euphoria
•Hailey Langland: Cab 10 Double Cork at X Games

Video Of The Year
•Depth Perception

Men’s Video Part Of The Year
•Halldór Helgason, Arcadia
•Bode Merrill, Pepper
•Mikkel Bang, TurboDojo

Women’s Video Part Of The Year
•Kimmy Fasani, TurboDojo
•Robin Van Gyn, Depth Perception
•Marie-France Roy, Cosa Nostra

Men’s Rider Of The Year
•Halldór Helgason
•Nicolas Müller
•Louif Paradis

Women’s Rider Of The Year
•Kimmy Fasani
•Anna Gasser
•Robin Van Gyn

Legend Award
Todd Richards