【Movie】Shut up! – 5-0 production

スロバキアのスノーボード・ムービー『Shut up!』が5-0 productionから公開!

It all started when Rene Strgar (snowboard rider) and Anže Suša (snowboard rider) opened the 5-0 Store last year and subsequently the 5-O Team was born. By that time there had been only one snowboarding movie produced in Slovenia in which both of them had a part. With a few friends Aleš Kegl, Andraž Kadunc, Blaž Vizjak, Jernej Zver, Niko Poljanšek and Peter Perunovič we started shooting. For starters it was just for fun. We produced short clips and little trick tips that should help with the progression of Slovenian freestyle sports like snowboard, skate and BMX. After that there came little reports and soon we found themselves filming for their first big project “Shut Up!“.

With video we just want to give the people a sneak peak into what we were doing this winter and how a couple of guys are living thier everyday life toghether or seperate… How they have fun and how they spend their time togheter. The idea behind the movie and the team started small and basically we tought that this is where the idea is going to stuck, but the future brought something else.

Riders: Anže Suša, Rene Strgar, Žiga Erlač, Mitja Kodrič, Matej Pavlič, Peter Štrafela & friends (Tadej Valentan, Domen Bizjak, Marko Grilc, Tim Kevin Ravnjak)

Filmed by Niko Poljanšek, Jernej Zver, Dario Krnjak, Aleš Kegl, Blaž Vizjak

Edit: Niko Poljanšek, Jernej Zver
Design: Niko Poljanšek
Produced: Niko Poljanšek & Rene Strgar
Manager of the project: Rene & Niko