Vivo Headwearがトランス誌で最強チーム宣言!

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Vivo Headwear(ビオ・ヘッドウェアー)は、世界ナンバー1スノーボード専門誌と言われるトランス誌webサイト上で最強チーム宣言を行った!




Vivo Headwearは、世界に先駆け一部日本の限定ショップで販売している。

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福岡 ACHARM  Tel: 092-263-9330


Vivo Headwear Launches With Heavy Hitting Team

Vivo headwear has officially laid their foundation with the recent addition of Tadashi Fuse to an already amazing team of North American heavy hitters – Andrew Geeves, Marie Frances Roy and Corey Sheppard. Together with their team, Vivo headwear is pleased to introduce to you The Brick, featuring an over-size fit and color ways that are never duplicated, meaning your Brick is exclusive to you.
(CEO Anthony Leffelaar says, “We are extremely excited to offer the world some unique items specifically selected for the 2009/2010 winter”. We have spent the past year developing our ideas, while working with premium fabrics and products that are rarely found with other companies in this industry. By working closely with our team, we have developed something fresh, while keeping in mind what the riders want”.
Their online store drops in two weeks, including an exclusive pre-run on limited items which can be found in selected retailers worldwide. The wait is over!

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