【Movie】FRAMED by It’s On TV Internet

スウェーデンから、It’s On TV Internetの最新作『FRAMED』が公開!

FRAMED Official movie! It’s on tv internet gives you FRAMED all for free right here! from Mårten Daag on Vimeo.

It´s on Tv internet presents the first full length snowboard/action/everything you want to see/ film that we call "FRAMED".
 This snowboard film that you really wanna see features your favorite riders such as:
 Nils Arvidsson
 Jonas "Bonus" Carlson
 Jonathan Nilsson
 Ludwig Lejkner
 Niklas Mattsson
 Karl-Anton Svensson
 Jonny Daredevil
 Anton Gunnarsson
 Johan Karlsson
 Zebastian Landmark
 Philip Landmark
 & Other Friends

This whole project has been supported and made possible by;

And also:

FRAMED is a film produced by Jonas Wilhelmsson & Mårten Daag, it´s filmed by Mårten Daag & Alexander Davidsson.