NuuLife Cinema最新作『WILDLIFE』予告編

カナダの西海岸バンクーバーやウィスラー周辺で暴れているNuuLife Cinemaから、最新作『WILDLIFE』の予告編がアップされた!

"WILDLIFE" teaser from NuuLife Cinema on Vimeo.

Be on the lookout for "WILDLIFE", the newest full length release from NuuLife Cinema, scheduled for release this October. Here’s a sneak peak of some of Canada’s most ferocious shred animals in their natural habitat. From the streets to the backcountry, these guys made a meal of it all.

Showcasing the raw snowboarding talents of Jason Gretzinger, Gordon Emery, Wiley Tesseo, Andrew Burns, Kael Hill, Dale Bailey, Dylan Vachon, Jeremy Melanson, David Kinskofer, Spencer Lundin, Beau Bishop, Craig McMorris and Craig Beaulieu.

Supported by Bataleon, Switchback Bindings, Rip Curl, Buffalo Bills, and Snowboarder Mag.

Snowmobile cameo from Kalle "KJ" Johansson. He’s a beast.

Music: "Millionaire" by Queens of the Stone Age

Directed by David Craig and John Swystun

Thumbnail photo: Mike Helfrich

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