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エレベート アウトドア コレクティブは、本日、田中秀明を日本エレベート アウトドアコレクティブ GM に昇格させ、全ブランドを担当し、この地域の戦略的市場参入の実行をリードすることを発表しました。
エレベート・アウトドア・コレクティブは、本年中にグローバル・ブランドを確立するため、リーダーシップ体制を再編成しました。この移行により、各ブランドは独立して繁栄する自由を得ることができ、田中秀明を昇格させるのは、この “ワンチーム “への組織的進化を踏まえてのことです。
社長兼 CEO の ジョンコロナ は、「一つのチームと集中的なコマーシャルのリーダーシップに移行することで、主要なパートナーへの対応力が大幅に向上し、消費者シフトに焦点を当て、市場に投入される革新的な新製品をより強力にサポートすることができます」と述べています。「これは、新しい働き方を必要とする新たな挑戦であり、今後、田中秀明と協力していくことを期待しています。
また、EOC は中澤泰明の退社を発表しました。彼のキャリアは、この瞬間に至るまで、会社やブランドへの貢献の一端を担ってきました。コロナ CEO は、”彼のここまでの努力に感謝するとともに、彼の次の章での活躍を願っています “と述べています。


東京生まれの田中秀明は、東京上野で育ちました。高校・大学時代はサーフィンをしており、初めて買ったスキーは K2 244でした。大学卒業後、K2 ジャパンでキャリアをスタートさせる。2009 年、K2ジャパンのゼネラル・マネージャーに就任し、各ブランドのポートフォリオと個性を伸ばすことに力を注いでいる。夏には家族でバーベキューをし、特製の焼きそばを食べる。冬は、妻の宏美と娘の沙羅と一緒にスキーを楽しんでいます。

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Elevate Outdoor Collective Announces Japan Leadership Transition

Hideaki Tanaka to take helm of Japan Elevate Outdoor Collective

October , 2022 (Tokyo) – Elevate Outdoor Collective announced today that Hideaki Tanaka has been elevated to the Japan Elevate Outdoor Collective GM effective immediately, where he will manage all brands and lead the strategic go-to-market execution for the region.
With the global brand of Elevate Outdoor Collective taking shape over the course of this year, the company has reorganized their leadership structure. The shift allows each brand the freedom to thrive independently, and elevating Hideaki is based on this organizational
evolution toward “one team.”
“Shifting to one team and centralized commercial leadership will greatly improve our ability to serve our key partners, focus on consumer shifts and more strongly support our new innovative products coming to market,” says John Colonna, President & CEO. “This is a new challenge that requires new ways of working, and we look forward to partnering with Hideaki in the future.”
EOC also announces the departure of Yasuaki Nakazawa, whose contributions to the company and brands over his career has helped lead to this moment. Says Colonna, “I appreciate his efforts to get us to this point and wish him the best on his next chapter.”
Hideaki’s 40 years of experience with the company makes him the ideal person to lead product and marketing and begin the company shift to a category offense to strengthen the execution across ski, snowboard and outdoor. Over the last few months, EOC analyzed the Japan strategy, the growth potential and the best structure to support execution.
“The leadership team and I are energized by opportunity being built globally for all of brands,”
says Colonna. “I look forward to seeing Japan evolve and modernize how we go to market and ‘unlock’ the Elevate Outdoor Collective vision.”
Born in Tokyo, Hideaki grew up in Ueno Tokyo. He surfed throughout high school and college and his first ski was the K2 244. After graduating commerce college, he began his career with K2 Japan. In 2009, Hideaki became the K2 Japan General Manager with focus on growing each portfolio and each brand personality. Summertime brings family BBQs with his special “Yakisoba” Japanese fried noodles. During the winters, he enjoys skiing with his wife Hiromi and daughter Sara.

About Elevate Outdoor Collective:
Elevate Outdoor Collective is an alliance of iconic outdoor and winter sports brands with a specialized focus on skiing, snowboarding and showshoeing. With each unique brand maintaining its own individual points of view and driving independent innovation, the Collective
is fueled with the strength of world-class development facilities and engineers, global distribution channels and committed outdoor lifestyle enthusiasts and experts. For more, please visit: K2 Skis, K2 Snowboarding, Marker, Dalbello, Völkl, RIDE Snowboards, LINE Skis,
Backcountry Access, Atlas Snow Shoe Co., Tubbs Snowshoes, Madshus and K2 Skates.