Happy Days by bHappy Films ティーザー

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ニック・ビスコンティ、コルトン・モーガンなど、イキの良いジバーが多いbHappy Filmsの最新作『Happy Days』のティーザーがアップ!

タホ周辺のお友達同士。いっしょにライディングして。いっしょに笑って。いっしょに撮影して。いっしょに楽しく編集して。僕たちは、bHappy Films !


We are making a video this year called "Happy Days."

"Happy Days" will be our third full length video release.

Our goal is to make you want to go snowboarding.

Filmed and Edited by – Paul Heran, Bryce Hymans, Max Tokunaga, Sammy Spiteri.

Additional Filmers – Ryan Scardigli, Jon Stark, Sean Lucey

Riders – Sammy Spiteri, Brent Oftedal, Curtis Woodman, Ben Strause, Durell Williams, Shane Wright, Colton Morgan, Dylan Thompson, Max Tokunaga, Nick Visconti, Joshua Parker, and friends

Expect to see "Happy Days" released sometime in July.

"Happy Days" will be a FREE download.

thanks for watching!

-bHappy Films