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現在、カナダ・ウィスラーで行われているTELUS WORLD SKI & SNOWBOARD FESTIVALで、優れたグラフィティ・ボードをリリースしていることで、知られているENDEAVOR SNOWBOARDSが来季ボードを公開中!


photo: Endeavor Snowboards



The mountain is a snowboarder’s canvas; each pow slash marking a moment of freedom, and every air denoting a departure from the constraints of gravity and life’s responsibilities.

Endeavor Snowboards has been fusing art into the core of their creations for nine years and the next level of inspiration can be found at the TELUS World Ski & Snowboard Festival’s “State of the Art” show displayed at the Whistler Conference Centre until April 24, 2011.

“We have been extremely fortunate to work with amazing artists since we began designing and producing the best snowboards in the world,” says Max Jenke, CEO Endeavor Snowboards. “Our 2012 boards feature the most complete collection of graphics we have ever put together. It’s a combination of paint splatter, vector art, and digital painting with bright colors and interesting production processes. We give attention to detail in every piece, all the way down to sidewall artwork and the silver foil artist signature.”

Endeavor’s priority has always been to bring fine art to the best quality snowboards and their mandate shows through in their latest collection of boards and in their commitment to artists. Here are the five Endeavor artists who collaborated on the 2012 line and are showcasing their work at State of the Art:

Rory Doyle
Rory is one of Endeavor’s resident artists, working on boards and other design for the past five years. He will exhibit a personal project "Wood Grains and Chest Stains" – marker on wood veneer depicting tattoo culture. His snowboard designs exhibited at the show aren’t far off this theme; the Next Series is a throwback to old whiskey barrels and card games printed on a bamboo topsheet, and the B.O.D. Series pays homage to the WW2 bombers personalized with graphics and slogans.

Derek Stenning
This is Derek’s third year on Endeavor’s roster and he continues to impress. Derek will be displaying work from his exclusive Endeavor project "I could tell you but then you would have to be destroyed by me," inspired by the secret military flight badges of the US Airforce. Each board graphic and canvas depicts a different badge with dark underlying themes. 

Vince Chan
Like Rory, Vince is one of Endeavor’s resident artists, killing the Color Series again this season with his mascots doing all sorts of naughty things. The playful images are used on six exclusive canvases made for this show. Vince also took on the Diamond Series with a dark, mystery-mansion collage-feel mixed with fantasy styled characters on the base.

Hailing from Poland, Gabz’s portfolio speaks for itself: Nike, Red Bull and Sony to name a few. His blend of hand sketches and Illustrator creates an incredible aesthetic apparent in all his work. The artwork on display are personal projects – portraits of David Bowie and Amy Winehouse, a mock magazine cover of Black Toad, and a ficticious movie poster for Blade Runner. The Guerrilla Series on display features horror movie poster-style artwork, with each board portraying a different monster.

Taka Sudo
Resident Whistler artist hailing from Japan, Taka Sudo has become a local sensation. His unique artwork combines paint, pen and ink, stencils and newspaper clippings and has captured worldwide attention. He will be featuring new personal artwork at the show. Endeavor is proud to showcase five exclusive works on the Boyfriend Series featuring a Rhino, Bird, Elephant, Cougar and Bear.