Luggage from Endeavor Snowboard Design on Vimeo.


Endeavor is staying true to their name with innovation and is adding luggage to their line.

“We have extended our range into luggage, which will be carried by select dealers,” says Max Jenke, CEO Endeavor Snowboards. “We were inspired to provide everything snowboarders need to get their gear from home to the hill.”

The bags are made of tarpaulin and nylon. Construction was focused on making weather resistant and extremely durable (some might say “bomb proof”) bags featuring a minimalist aesthetic.

“Following snowboarders around the world to photograph means my luggage gets put to the test. My focus on developing this luggage was to make it extremely durable, functional and stylish,” says Scott Serfas, Endeavor Snowboards Co-Owner and TransWorld SNOWboarding Magazine senior photographer. “We are committed to making the best products for snowboarders and I am excited we have created this extension in our line.”

Since Endeavor’s conception in 2002, the brand created by snowboarders, for snowboarders, has grown from creating some of the best decks in the world to producing bindings, luggage, Airhole Facemasks, and assorted apparel and accessories.

Endeavor has created a short film with director Alex Viau to launch their luggage line. The black and white vignette artistically illustrates their sleek new bags and inspires viewers to embark on their own journey.