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この程、ENDEAVOR SNOWBOARDSのwebサイトはリニューアルされたが、そこではカナディアン・ブランドということを高らかに宣言している。







Product Videos, Pro Athlete Blogs And Artist Profiles Give 360° Knowledge at www.endeavorsnowboards.com

As Endeavor Snowboards embarks on their eighth year of business, a revamped website at www.endeavorsnowboards.com exhibits why this board brand is Canadian snowboarding.  Interactivity features foremost with product knowledge videos for all boards and bindings, presented by Max Jenke, Endeavor Snowboards founder; a complete archive of all artists whose work has been used in collaborations; and the constantly updated, and always entertaining, athlete and founder blog roll.

“This new website lets Endeavor’s present and future champions truly experience our brand,” says Endeavor founder, Jenke. “The product knowledge videos were produced by Randy Ross and not only provide technical information but also interviews with the artists so you can get the back story on their inspirations as well as check out amazing footage of our riders testing the product.”

The site at www.endeavorsnowboards.com has all the details on Endeavor’s biggest and best line-up of boards to date for the winter season 2010.2011. A quick browse reveals wood ranging from their premium directional freestyle Board of Directors series emblazoned with the work of artist Vince Chan; to the High5, a unique freestyle board with Rob Dow’s skate-style flat kicks boasting the cosmonaut inspired  “degenerative art” of Derek Stenning.

The team section showcases Endeavor’s impressive rider line-up including Pro and Am categories, as well as their Ambassador Team.  One of their ambassadors is Daryl Trinidad, Spy Optic’s Canadian Marketing Manager.

"I have been supporting Endeavor Snowboards since it’s beginnings in 2002 when I lived with Max Jenke and Scott Serfas in a Whistler bunker known as ‘Man Camp.’ I have seen the brand grow from one man’s pipe dream, all the way to the legit company it is today,” says Trini. “What is most appealing to me about Endeavor is their design and quality. I feel this is widely due to the fact Endeavor is created by actual snowboarders. Their ability to tap into, and blend, relevant culture into their designs is like no other board brand out there. I also take pride in knowing I ride the last true Canadian snowboard company in existence. It is an honour to be part of their ambassador team. This year I will be riding the High5 155. It has an astronaut on it. It’s as though the graphic is foreshadowing how high I will be going off jumps this year. I may indeed need a space suit.”

Riders can happily bide their time for winter 2010.2011 to arrive at www.endeavorsnowboards.com and peruse amazing photography by TransWorld SNOWboarding’s senior photographer and Endeavor founder Scott Serfas.  Stay even more connected with an RSS feed and follow Endeavor on Twitter @maxjenke and at www.facebook.com.