カナダ・バンクーバー拠点のEndeavor Snowboardsがショートムービー『We Are』がリリース。
Endeavorライダーのジョディ・ワッシュニアック(Jody Wachniak)が出演。単にライディング・シーンだけでなく、ナイトライフなどプロ・ライダーであるジョディという存在そのものを表現するドキュメンタリータッチ。

Endeavor Snowboards Commercial "WE ARE" from Endeavor Snowboard Design on Vimeo.

Commercial Infused With Essence Of Endeavor And Coveted Lifestyle Of Pro Snowboarder

Endeavor Snowboards has released a new short film by Randy Ross called “We Are.”  The film can be found at www.endeavorsnowboards.com video section on the Canadian snowboard brand’s completely redesigned website.

The experimental film-cum-commercial features a haunting soundtrack and depicts the dichotomy present in the life of one of their pro snowboarders, Jody Wachniak.  Images of nightlife debauchery are cut with the journey from waking to hiking solo on the pristine mountain peaks of British Columbia’s Coast Mountains.

“It’s amazing how images of people walking across snowy mountainsides instantly evokes emotions, even from non-snowboarders,” says Randy Ross, filmmaker of “We Are.” “There is something completely lonely, yet completely spiritual about it. It’s balanced. That’s what I set out to capture for Endeavor.”

The commercial for Endeavor was a three-month project shot on location in Whistler and Squamish, and on Whistler Blackcomb and Grouse Mountain. Chayse Irvin was the DP while support camera work was provided by Ross and Selim Matte.

Randy’s creative eye is unparalleled and I’ve always believed in his creative direction,” says Max Jenke, CEO of Endeavor Snowboards. “Being one of the founders of the brand, it was fitting that he direct and edit this film.  He has captured the essence of what Endeavor and Canadian snowboarding is all about – partying and eating corn dogs included!”

The product knowledge videos at the revamped www.endeavorsnowboards.com were also filmed and edited by Ross and his artistry is evident in the compelling and creative presentation of technical information, artist interviews and action footage. This fall Ross hopes to release “SWITCH,” a feature film that explores the balance essential in the life of a snowboarder.

As snow starts to fall on the highest peaks of North America, riders can dream of fresh turns while browsing www.endeavorsnowboards.com.  Photography for the website by TransWorld SNOWboarding’s senior photographer and Endeavor founder Scott Serfas will stoke the fire.  Stay even more connected with an RSS feed and follow Endeavor on Twitter @maxjenke and at www.facebook.com.