Different Directionティーザー

オーストリアから、最新スノーボード・ムービー、『Different Direction』のティーザーがアップ!

タイトル、Different Direction(違った方向)にあるように、どれだけ他の作品との違いを見せれるか、楽しみ。

There´s more than triplecorks in perfection, spot sneaking and „part-hustling" in snowboarding.
Development of snowboarding is crazy and we got big respect for that different level of riding, even if it´s getting pretty athletic.

Different Direction shows up what´s snowboarding to us, and to the most snow addicted people, FUN!
No matter if it´s park-, backcountry- or urban riding,… it´s about creativity.

Let´s get back to freestyle snowboarding.

Different Direction takes you on a journey through the season in real time.
Six young, fresh, dirty and badass clips fully loaded with lifestyle, scenics and riding… will drop.

– 6 Episodes
– 6 Guestrider
– 1 Season

Flo Corzelius, Daniel Rajcsanyi, Simon Pircher, Christian Geiger, Manuel Bernert, Thomas Feurstein,
Marco Feichtner and Sebi Geiger.

Produced and filmed by: NISE

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