We’re in this together ♥️ As business and our normal daily routines are turned upside down, it is great to see the community support pouring out to help the medical personnel on the front lines of an extremely challenging and stressful medical time. Many of our staff has close family and friends working the front lines at hospitals and clinics both locally and nationally. Within our Dakine building we have a lot of talented people that have been pooling energy and resources into helping support the protective equipment needed by our local hospitals, doctors and nurses as the supply chain for those products is very challenged. The team started a project on the cotton based mask’s, but we then luckily came across a solid supply of medical grade mask material through the Gorge Makers Collective, and have now switched to making medical grade masks that are washable, re-sterilizable at the hospitals and then reusable. With the help of Gorge Makers and our talented Reynaldo and Lone behind the patterns and machines, we are in the process of building two mask designs as below. One elastic and one tie-on. Gorge Makers Collective is supplying pre-built aluminum nose bridges, all fabrics and the process is rolling. As well there is an even great shortage of gowns available locally for the hospitals, and with Gorge Makers and the Renewal Workshop, we are also helping stack cut bulk Tyvek material for the gowns so they can go get welded up and built at the Renewal workshop. #Dakine #trusted

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