We’re incredibly proud to announce we’re donating half a million KN95 facemasks to medical personnel who are so desperately in need of them on the front lines. Healthcare workers have always been a part of our community, as snowboarders and outdoor enthusiasts themselves, and as those who take care of us when we wind up needing their care. Now it’s time to make sure they know we’ve got their backs, too. In addition to the 500k facemasks, we’re using our Craig’s Prototype facility, which normally produces snowboards, to manufacture face shields. We’re aiming for 500 a week. Our employees have mobilized to sew surgical masks, and we’ve pulled together what you need to make your own. And you may have seen earlier this week @anonoptics donated 1300 pairs of goggles to @gogglesfor docs – you can get involved in that effort, too. We’re calling on each of you (yes, you!) to ask your future self if you did all you could do, even if your biggest action is just staying the f*ck home. Cause that’s huge, too. <3 Hit the link in our bio to learn more.

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それと、すでに多くのスノーボーダーにも知られているが、Anonは最前線で闘う医者や看護師にゴーグルを提供することを目的とした”Goggles for Docs”で積極的に活動を行ってる。


「Burtonは常に起業家精神をもった企業であり、この危機の中で、スノーボードコミュニティと地元のコミュニティ双方の手助けができるよう ー大きいことも小さいこともー 方法を見出し続けていきます。




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