Brothers Factory 4 最新映像3連発!

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凄いハイレベルなストリート・スノーボーディングの世界を見たいなら、ぜひこのBrothers Factory 4を!

Brothers Factoryは、カナダ・ケベック、世界に優れたストリート・ライダーを排出するスポット出身。その中でもより優れた4人のライダーが今作品プロジェクトに参加している。



Talk about hammers. Jeremy Cloutier charges will unparalleled confidence and insane style. His full part from Brothers Factory’s latest movie, 4, is out now and available for you to watch in its entirety.


Check out Jason Dubois’ full part from Brothers Factory 4. There’s a good chance this part will give other street snowboarders a case of “little man complex” because every spot in this part is seriously jumbo size.


Who run it? Jacko run it. You’d think these full part releases from Brothers Factory 4 couldn’t get any heavier, but you’d be thinking incredibly wrong. Jacko is the fourth and final full part release from 4, and it’s evident why he was saved for last. His spots and trick selection are all XXL. The opening backside 270 attempt isn’t landed but it’s so gnarly that it’s a make in my eyes. Still baffled that the Brothers Factory crew didn’t have any sponsors backing their movie when the season started, but very glad they do now. When the going gets rough, you find out how your ride or dies are, and the four guys who released parts with Brothers Factory are each others’ ride or dies. I hope the best for this squad, and am looking forward to more dangerously hefty snowboarding videos from them.