Brother Factory最新作『Tabarnac』ティーザー

広告 five  

ニック・サーブを始め、世界へライダーたちを輩出する地、カナダのケベック。そこをベースに活動するBrother Factoryから、最新作『Tabarnac』のティーザーがアップされた!





Winter 2011. As most people are locked up in their offices or migrating south to escape the nasty weather, the Brothers Factory kids are taking over the deserted streets and urban outdoors. Their art; turning rails, walls and rooftops into sick features. But it all comes to a price, as they will be facing many dangers, such as the great protectors of the city!

Produced by : Will Demers
Filmed by : Will Demers / Charles demers

Artwork and Motion :

Audio : Parts & Labor – Fractured Skies