Arobor Snowboardsムービーのティーザー

Arobor Snowboardsから、チーム・ムービー『Van Deliri』が、この秋リリース。それに先駆けティーザーがアップされた。

The defining times in a persons’ season seem to usually involve either a specific day with the right people, a trick learned, a turn made, or a pillow dropped. For the Van Delirium crew the defining point in our season wasn’t a specific thing, it was a two week long blur of good friends, fun snowboarding, and unpredictable adventure. With no specific plan other than making it from Big Bear to Washington and back, we decided to let the universe dictate our path as we found our way into an array of priceless moments. Come along for the ride as we take you on a three part webisode journey with riders Ian Sams, Erik Leon, Austin Young and friends including Eli Weiner, Nick Visconti, Joe Bosler, Scotty Vine and more. VIVA LA DELIRIUM!