パイレーツ・ムービーをはじめ、クオリティの高いフィルムクルーがいるオーストリアから、新たなクルーの最新作『ALWAYS LIKE THIS』がアップされた!

マイケル・ハウンシュミット(Michael Haunschmidt)によるこの作品、予告編を拝見する限り、かなり本格派!本編リリースが楽しみだ。

ALWAYS LIKE THIS – TRAILER from Michael Haunschmidt on Vimeo.

 a film about snowboarding, winter, snow, friends and good times

a movie by Michael Haunschmidt
 additional footage by Thomas Kesselbacher, Julian Pintarelli, Sebi Madlehner, Chris Garside, Basti Funk, Daniel Ausweger, Peter Mader and Bálint Hambalkó

covershot by

features the riding of:
 Michael Macho, Herby Thaler, Mathias Weißenbacher, Max Glatzl, Christian Geiger, Clemens Millauer, Laurenz Haunschmidt, Philipp Gruber, Adrian Krainer, Joe Handle, Peter Walchhofer, Antoine Truchon, Kevin Scherübl, Manuel Lindmoser, Alois Lindmoser, Jeremie Unterberger, Robert Wallner and Christoph Schaidreiter

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BIG THANKS to everyone who helped me making this movie.

I do not own the rights for the music, and did this entire movie for me, for fun and with no commercial intention. If you don´t like your song being used in this video, please contact me under