AIRHOLE 最新モデルがアップ!




Video At Showcases The Best Facemasks In The World

Airhole has dropped their 2011.2012 facemasks and the entire line can be viewed and purchased online at From killer shark masks in the Animal line to uber-luxe, grey cashmere pullovers, there is a facemask for every idiot out there.

A new video, shot on a RED camera, and directed and edited by Randy Ross, showcases Airhole founder Chris Brown and the fashion and function of Airhole when assaulted with the elements.

“We are loving this video and so are our customers. Randy scored it perfectly and it reveals some of the banger masks in our 2011.2012 collection,” says Max Jenke CEO of Endeavor Design, parent company of Airhole. “After selling out our entire inventory by January last season, we have ramped up production and plan on unleashing more facemasks then ever. This winter we have two shipments planned for our dealers.”

Those familiar with the design of Airhole will also recognize the mask on the newest poster for Red Bull Media House’s highly anticipated film “The Art Of Flight.” Travis Rice, a fan of the mask after receiving one on the shoot from principal photographer Scott Serfas, requested that the signature Airhole be added to the artist’s rendering of the snowboarder’s head on the limited edition poster designed by artist Hydro74.

The Airhole collection features over 100 mask types and styles including a range of tie-ups, standards, pullovers and balaclavas. The product finder allows for easy navigation through each type and style and buyers can order online at for instant facemask gratification. There is also a comprehensive worldwide dealer list for quality shops selling Airhole.