Air Holeのwebサイトがリニューアル!

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カナダのフェイスマスク・ブランドのAir Holeのwebサイトがリニューアルされた!

Air Holeの親会社であるEndeavor Snowbordsの代表マックス・ジャンキ氏は、「リニューアルに伴いすべてのデザインをよりわかりやすく見せるようにした。」とのコメント。



Andrew Geeves, Benji Ritchie, Bryan Iguchi, Chris Brown, Chris Dufficy, Dustin Craven, Eero Niemela, EIKI HELGASON, Eric Jackson, Halldor Helagason
, Iikka Backstrom, John Jackson, Johnny Lyall, Kale Stephens, Kareem El Rafie, Kevin Griffin, Lauri Heiskari, Mikey Rencz, Shin Campos, Trevor “Trouble” Andrew

AIRHOLE FACEMASK UNLEASHES NEW WEBSITE YOU IDIOT Showcase Company’s Biggest Line Yet With Over 100 Masks For Snowboarders

Never satisfied with status quo, Airhole Facemasks has taken their brand to the next level with the launch of a renovated, cutting-edge website at

“We wanted to showcase all of the designs in a really clear and easy-to-navigate format,” said Max Jenke, CEO of Endeavor Design, parent company of Airhole. “Having so many products is a bit daunting, so we tried to simplify the viewing process.”

The new website launch marks a crucial step in the four-year-old company’s progression.

Jenke said showcases their biggest product line yet, with over 100 mask types and styles to choose from, including a range of tie-ups, standards, pullovers and balaclavas. The “Facemasks you idiot” company’s site design also includes a comprehensive dealer list as well as the usual blogroll of random posts by pro snowboarder founders Kale Stephens and Chris Brown.

With the website launch on July 8, Airhole also uploaded three new riders to their growing roster. Progressive riders Halldor Helgason and Eiki Helgason from Iceland, and rail slayer Kareem El Rafie from Sweden have now joined the likes of John Jackson, Kale Stephens and Mikey Rencz to make up the 20 person team. Each rider has an interactive profile on the website with photos, videos and stats to check out.

Jenke added that Airhole’s site will likely see another addition this September. The Vancouver-company plans to add a “Buy online now” link to coincide with new product arriving in stores for the 2011 winter season. The link will definitely be well received since last year Airhole’s facemasks sold out before Christmas.

It’s a website you idiot!