3 Stretches You should do even after a hard day of snowboarding

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The day you enjoy snowboarding is very tiring, but it feel good. You might want to go get beer. I think so too. But wait minute. Because if you do not Stretching today, you will get more tired feeing tomorrow. I suggest after riding you should take a bath and relax, then even you get tired you should do there 3 Stretching Exercises for tomorrow riding.

Of course, you should do various stretches, but you should definitely to do at least these three.


Thighs Stretch

Many snowboarders use their thigh muscles. Especially beginners tend to use more thigh muscles due to the longer riding times on the heel side.

So, the stretch I want you to do most there is like the picture below. The important thing when stretching is not to overdo it. Take a slow, deep breath and relax. If you get heart that mean is too much. Do it as much as you feel comfortable.

Calf Stretch

The next stretch I want you to do is the lower leg (the calf) Stretch.
Snowboarders use their calf muscles when making toe side turns or jumps.
If the calf muscles are stuck, blood flow will also deteriorate. In addition to stretching, we also recommend a light massage.

There are many ways to stretch your thighs, but my favorite is the stairs. Stretch the left and right calves alternately so that you can stretch them to a comfortable position.

Hamstring Stretch

Even just doing the two stretches I’ve introduced so far is quite effective. However, please do one more stretching. It is the hamstring stretch. When the hamstring becomes stiff, recovery from fatigue is delayed. Stretching the hamstring is probably more important than we think.

I think the best way to stretch hamstrings is to use a towel while lying down. This way you can stretch your hamstring deeper.

So far, I have introduced three types of stretching, but of course it is better to do various types of stretching. However, if you are tired and don’t feel like moving, at least do these three things. Perhaps this light exercise will reduce fatigue rather than resting.

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