2011 STYLEWARS 結果!

オーストラリアで開催されたTTR 4 Star大会2011 STYLEWARS、優勝したのはフロントサイド1080、バックサイド1080を披露したスウェーデン出身のトア・ランドストームだった。


In an exciting turn of events, 19-year-old Tor Lundstrom from Sweden has just been announced Stylewars Grandmaster 2011.


Successfully climbing his way to the top from fourth place, Lundstrom stole first place from young Aussie Scotty James during the two-hour competition window today. He wasted no time throwing down as many tricks as he could, including a front 10 and a back 10.

His podium finish is a combination of high scores from the judges and the traditional Stylewars rider vote – where each rider from the event gets to voice their thoughts on who threw down the best performances across both days.

Thrilled with his win, he says, "I’m super stoked. The standard of riding was really high – everyone sent it."

Indeed, competition was tough. Aussie Clint Allan was hot on Lundstrom’s heels, and Max Buri from Switzerland really stepped it up today ranking second overall in the rider vote.

Stylewars’ best trick goes to Norway’s Gjermund Braaten for his double cork back 10 at the start of competition yesterday.

Although the slopestyle component of Stylewars has come to a close, the competition is not over yet. Tomorrow night brings the famous 28 Stairs rail jam event, where a further $8000 is up for grabs.

The crowning of 2011 Stylewars Stairmaster will be tough. In the spotlight will be dark horse Cees Wille who has flown all the way from The Netherlands, Kiwi rider Nick Brown, fresh from his rail comp win at the New Zealand Winter Games, and Jye Kearney, who won best Aussie rider at last year’s event.

28 Stairs will be hosted out the front of the Frying Pan in Falls Creek’s Village Bowl from 7pm.

Final results:
1. Tor Lundstrom (SWE) – $7000 cash, Liquid Image goggles and Selk Bag
2. Clint Allan (AUS) – $2500 cash, Liquid Image goggles and Selk Bag
3. Scotty James (AUS) – $1000 cash, Liquid Image goggles and Selk Bag
4. Nick Brown (NZL)
5. Pete Long (AUS)
6. Kieran McLaughlin (AUS)
7. Dane Tiene (AUS)
8. Declan Vogel Paul (AUS)
9. Max Buri (CH)
10. Connor Harding (NZL)
11. Mat Galina (CAN)
12. Matt Sedunary (AUS)
13. Cameron Stavely (AUS)
14. Daniel Klein (AUS)
15. Jeremy Burns (AUS)
16. Tim Nelson (AUS)

Best trick:
Gjermund Braaten, double cork back 10 – $1500 cash