【Movie】WHITE NOISE by TimeLine Films

TimeLine Films最新作、『WHITE NOISE』が公開。

このWHITE NOISEは、アラスカでのザビエルと彼の弟ヴィクターとのセッションに始まる。そして舞台はヨーロッパへと移り、文字通り“地中へと”滑り降りるライディングが可能なニュースポットを探索する。

"White Noise – full movie – Japanese subtitles" from TimeLine Films on Vimeo.

Xavier de Le Rue, considered by his peers as the best big mountain rider, reveals himself intimately and exposes his feeling about his life, reasons he keeps on getting the motivation to push his own limits and why snowboarding represent his reason to be.
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White Noise features Xavier de Le Rue, Victor de Le Rue, Samuel Anthamatten and Johan Jonsson as guest